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New Hope Academy Pre-school

[preschool girl dressup with colorful hats] New Hope Preschool provides a full curriculum program for children from age three to five years. The Preschool is part of New Hope Academy which was founded in 1990 by concerned parents who sought to create a safe, happy and stimulating environment for their children. New Hope also offers enrichment activities such as dance classes, sports, and martial arts right on our campus.


The Staff

[Picture of story time]New Hope Preschool has a very special staff of dedicated, professional teachers. The friendly atmosphere at New Hope makes it a wonderful place to work, which is reflected by the low turnover rate of the staff.

New Hope strives to create a safe, supportive and happy community where each individual is valued. The multicultural and multiracial make-up of New Hope reflects this philosophy. Children are taught, through example, to have an empathetic heart, and to understand that what we say and do affects others.

The teachers' supportive behavior and positive language helps children to feel secure and supports their development of personal integrity. Teachers encourage responsible thinking by inviting the children to reflect on better choices when problems arise, and by encouraging them to repair damaged feelings through apologies or other appropriate actions. We believe that true self-esteem comes from personal growth and accomplishment.


The Learning Environment

Prschool girl having fun School is fun at New Hope. The environment and daily activities are carefully planned to touch the children's’ souls with the wonder of the world around them. Classrooms invite children to engage in play and to learn while enjoying themselves. Feeling safe in our warm and loving environment allows the children to freely explore with enthusiasm and delight.This encourages them to become creative, independent thinkers, and lays a foundation for them to become inquisitive lifelong learners.

All classes offer learning centers where children can work individually or in small groups. Teacher-directed activities are balanced by ample time for exploratory play and personal discovery. Teachers carefully gauge the environment and activities to be developmentally appropriate for each child.

Children's fine motor skills are developed through multiple activities such as drawing, cutting, painting, puzzles, games, finger-plays and pre-writing activities. Large motor skills are promoted through outdoor play and games, sports, dance, and creative movement. Song and rhythm are interwoven into classroom activities and busy hands are engaged with frequent creative play and craft projects.

Listening to stories and sharing opinions about books encourages both a love and appreciation for books as well as an interest in reading. Phonemic awareness is developed through songs and rhyming activities. We use the best of what we find available to stimulate and develop reading readiness. Jolly Phonics and Handwriting Without Tears are integrated into our curriculum. We explore the letter sounds through hands-on science , art and music activities connected to the sound of the week. Children who are developmentally ready may begin sounding out words in our program.

Math concepts are incorporated into lessons and hands-on activities. Through using songs, counting and a variety of materials we teach spatial relationships, sorting, shapes, patterning, ordering, numeration, sequencing and measurement. On any given day we may be sorting acorns or leaves, voting on what color playdough we want to make and singing songs that utilize adding and subtracting.

Our school is situated on 8 acres, over half of that being woods. As we walk the paths or play on the fringes, changes can be observed on a daily, weekly and seasonal basis. We begin to connect with the cycles and patterns of nature. We feel the wonder of autumn’s dancing leaves, look for holes that may become the homes of hibernating animals and look forward to the buds and blossoms of spring. We feel pride in making pies with pumpkins that we planted, watered and watched grow in our preschool garden. We learn to observe and predict what will “happen if”, and then find out by doing. Will dirt dissolve? Why does a gourd rattle? What will a caterpillar turn into? Science is fun!


Growing Up Emotionally

Three preschool boys Preschool children are beginning to step into the larger world outside their families. Feeling safe, comfortable and loved is our first priority for them. In that safe environment they can feel free to show their emotions and begin to learn how to express them appropriately.

The preschool years lay the foundation for understanding relationships later in life. Teachers constantly guide children to internalize emotional self-control through reflecting on their own actions and consequences. Teachers engage children through stories, discussions and role-playing to understand and solve problems in peaceful ways.

We have created a nurturing "family atmosphere" at New Hope. Each week Middle School students "mentor" in the Preschool classrooms, creating a positive and healthy relationship between older and younger students. The older students become big brothers and sisters that the younger children can respect, admire and emulate. Through this experience, our preschoolers feel part of a larger, loving school environment where they personally know the "big kids".


Growing Up Responsible

preschool girl art and craft

We emphasize helping children learn how to be responsible for their environment and to gain a feeling of personal competency. For preschoolers, this means cleaning up their own spills and putting away toys after they are finished playing. The children take great pride in their "jobs", and as they mature they enjoy taking even greater responsibility for their classroom and school.

At New Hope Preschool, we try to create a joyful atmosphere and a high standard of classroom and personal behavior. Our emphasis is on respect, cooperation, compassion, and kindness. Behavior that contradicts these values is kindly but consistently discouraged.



Preschool activity For up-to-date information about tuition, please see our tuition page.

There are discounts for siblings and "co-op" discounts opportunities for families eligible for financial aid. Parental involvement allows the families to feel a sense of ownership and pride in the program. Studies have shown, and our own experience has taught us, that children do better in school when their parents are actively involved in, and committed to, their children's education. We believe this applies to both the learning and non-academic aspects of our preschool program.