New Hope Academy offers varsity, recreational and elective sports programs for students from ages 3-19. Sports vary from year-to-year based on student interests and level of participation. In past years we have offered athletic programs ranging from track, soccer, basketball, T-Ball, martial arts, yoga, personal fitness. flag football, golf, tumbling, a variety of dance classes and cheerleading. Recreational team or individual sports can be added when enough students express an interest in taking a class or forming a team.

New Hope’s athletic programs are designed to support students to strive for personal and academic excellence. Many of the skills necessary for athletic success such as self-discipline, resilience, perseverance and grit, commitment to the team, cooperation and communication are also fundamental for success in life.

Athletic Program Highlights

New Hope Academy, an independent state-certified K-12 private school and pre-school in Landover Hills, MD (Prince George's County, Maryland); international and inter-religious, with over 35 countries and 20 religious affiliations represented among faculty, staff, and students

New Hope Lady Tigers earned the 2019 National High School Champions title in only the 2nd year of the NHA Girls’ Basketball program!

Varsity Basketball Team.

Girl's Varsity Basketball Website (External Website)

We are currently building an exciting new athletic program at New Hope. In 2017-18, our girls varsity basketball team placed 2nd at Nationals in their very first season, and became the undisputed 2019 National Champions in only their second season! Coaches Sam Caldwell and Michelle Watts are quickly building an award winning successful basketball program here at New Hope. And further, inspired by the vision of Coach Caldwell, we are planning a major expansion of our sports program and Upper School facilities. We have now added junior varsity and middle school teams for both our girl’s and boy’s basketball program.

Coach Caldwell has dedicated himself to coaching and developing young athletes for many years in the Washington D.C. metropolitan area. At New Hope Coach Caldwell found, “a family oriented culture that also values academic rigor. We have a common bond of striving for achievement at the highest level.”


The New Hope Performing Arts Center offers high quality recreational dance and competitive dance training in a positive learning environment. Mrs. Concha Marchitelli initiated the New Hope Academy’s Dance & Drama program in 1991 and continues to serve as the artistic director.

Highly qualified dance instructors offer classes in Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Hip Hop and other dance styles. Dance students have fun while learning self-discipline and an appreciation of dance and music. All dancers are encouraged to strive for personal excellence. Student’s in NHA Dance Company experience the hard-work and practice required to create inspiring award winning performances.

Enrollment in New Hope Academy is not required, with all Dance & Drama classes open to the community. Convenient after school and Saturday classes are available to the public.

Classes for the youngest ballerinas are designed to be fun and technically correct. They provide good training, an appreciation for the art of dance, and an enjoyable time.

Every year the dance program showcase their dance skills at a Spring Recital. In addition, some of the dancers are invited to participate in musical productions created by the drama department.The musical productions are also open to the public and presented every year.

Tae Kwon Do

Simba DoJang Tae Kwon Do was founded in 1963 in Washington, DC under legendary martial arts pioneers and champions, Supreme Grandmaster Furman Marshall and the late Grandmaster Phillip Cunningham, Jr. Currently Simba Do Jang schools have been established throughout the United States and worldwide.

Simba DoJang at New Hope Academy was established in 2010 by the late Grandmaster Reginald Jackson, Sr. (10th Dan). Students of Simba Do Jang study and train in traditional TKD and incorporate various other styles of self-defense with their training. Some students trained in our program have qualified to compete in the AAU National Championship tournament. Classes are available starting with Preschool and continue to adults. Simba Do Jang at New Hope Academy is open to the community.

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