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Hosting an international exchange program student (homestay)

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"The Principal's Corner"

August 20, 2008

Dear New Hope Families and Friends,

As you know, New Hope Academy is already an international school, with over 35 countries represented among faculty, staff, and students. We are pleased to announce that we will be welcoming the first high school student to our international exchange program. He is a tenth grader coming from Japan named Naoki, who will be hosted by a family in Bladensburg. The sponsoring agency is a not-for-profit called Youth for Understanding (YFU-USA). New Hope has the opportunity to host several other students who are interested in studying in the USA for one year of high school. The current students who are seeking host families include:

  • a 16 year old German female - Inga
  • a 16 year old Chinese female - Qiqi Xiang (is ready to come right away!)
  • a 16 year old German female - Caroline
  • UPDATE: 2010 international exchange program students.
  • a 16 year old Swedish male - Per Ake Jorgen
  • an 18 year old Dutch female - Stephanie
  • a 17 year old Danish male - Martin
  • a 17 year old Mexican male - Adrian
  • a 16 year old Mexican female - Magda

YFU covers the cost of the student's tuition for the year but the host family does not receive reimbursement for room and board. New Hope Academy is willing to credit the host family $1000 towards their child's tuition at New Hope to help offset their costs. If you would like to know more please contact Program Director Kristie Rotz and take a look at the YFU-USA web site. Please act quickly if you have a serious interest!

Hosting an international exchange student can be an enriching experience for the entire family that will last a lifetime. By opening your home and heart to a student from overseas, your family will gain a new global perspective, many memories, and - quite possibly - a new family member! Imagine welcoming a young person from Brazil, Japan, Germany, or one of over 50 countries into your home. When your family decides to go global by sharing your life with a student from abroad, everyday experiences take a new and exciting twist - American traditions gain deeper meaning as you introduce them to your new son or daughter; a casual family chat about world events reveals new perspectives you may never have considered; the dinner table includes exotic new dishes as your exchange student cooks up a taste of home for all to sample. Exchange will broaden your entire family's perspective on the world. It's a great education and it's lots of fun, too!

Feel free to call the YFU-USA (Youth For Understanding USA) local contact person in Virginia Beach: Kristie Rotz at 1-800-872-0200 ext. 275 or email her at rotz "AT" yfu "DOT" org. Also, the website is, which has information galore!!!


Principal Joy Morrow

New Hope Academy is authorized under Federal law to enroll nonimmigrant students. For more information about this separate category of prospective international students at New Hope Academy (F-1 Visa students), including requirements, see our page on SEVIS I-20 international (F-1 Visa) students. For more information on the Student and Exchange Visitor Program (SEVP), please visit their web site (