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New Hope Academy maintained uninterrupted instruction when Maryland schools were suddenly closed last Spring, to slow the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic. Our students continued to receive a comprehensive program in all core subjects and specialty classes. Students received direct online education from 9:00 am - 12:30 pm, five days a week. Overall it was an impressive success given the unexpected closure of schools. Surveyed parents and students expressed gratitude and appreciation for the robust programs and the dedication and sincere care shown by the teachers.

Based on our experience with distance instruction in the Spring, we are adding improvements. For the fall 2020 semester, we are fine-tuning programs, adjusting schedules, adding online tools, and providing additional tech training for students, staff, and parents.

New Hope Academy is a PreK3-12 private school where parents and faculty work in consortium with the administration. Together we came to the overall consensus that online, rather than face-to-face-in-school learning is preferable. NHA will evaluate our programs and consider hybrid learning options, making any needed adjustments as the school year progresses.

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Classes begin Tuesday, September 1st

  K - 12 learning is 5 days a week in a live interactive format.
     Comprehensive Cirriculum for:

  Lower school grades K-7 includes core subjects of Math, Science, Socials Studies, Language Arts/Reading/Writing.
  Early Elementary K-2 concentrates on early reading skills, including phonics and comprehension, and foundational math skills.
  K-7 also includes Specialty Classes: Art, Music, PE, Technology, and Spanish or Korean.

  Upper School grades 8-12 includes all core subjects of Math, English, Social Studies, Science, and either Korean or Spanish plus specials and electives.
  Students select Electives such as Game Design, Music and Video Composition, Acrylic Painting, Chess and Strategy games, Cinema and Culture, Dance, etc.

  Online tech training is embedded in every class for all students.
  In-Person orientation for early learners (read more)
  Parents receive online tech training to ensure confidence in supporting their child in navigating Google Classroom to complete and turn-in work, chat with teachers, and seek individualized support.
  The Preschool will offer a support program with online learning packets. They may include, short videos, projects, suggested experiences and activities, and guided instructions for parents or childcare givers working with children. With adult support, early learners can build phonics and pre-reading skills, develop basic math concepts, prepare to write, and engage in experiences in science, social studies and the arts. This is a simplified version of what we do in New Hope Academy Preschool.
This is a great program for parents working from home who want to help their child develop preschool skills, but need the flexibility to do so evenings or whenever it works for their family. Also childcare providers, can use it with the children in their care, allowing them to feel confident that they are providing fun, effective instructions.

[READ MORE: In-Person orientation for early learners]