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New Hope Academy’s Performing Arts Center
Dance and Drama:

Statement of Purpose

Elementary Grade Dancers
  1. Artistically train, as well as educate, children to appreciate dance, drama, and music.
  2. Strive for excellence within a positive, productive learning environment maintained by faculty and students.
  3. Create performances that enrich the students and inspire the audiences.
  4. Serve the community through the performances of young dancers.

The New Hope Performing Arts Center is an after school program at New Hope Academy. The program offers high quality recreational dance, competitive dance and drama, and theater classes. It is managed by New Hope Dance & Drama. Enrollment in New Hope Academy is not required. All Dance & Drama classes are open to the community. We offer convenient after school and Saturday classes. Mrs. Concha Marchitelli initiated the New Hope Academy’s Dance & Drama program in 1991 and continues to serve as the artistic director.

DANCE (for ages 3 & up) Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Hip Hop

Young Dancers

Classes for the youngest ballerinas are designed to be fun and technically correct. They provide good training, an appreciation for the art of dance, and an enjoyable time.

Every year the dance program showcase their dance skills at a Spring Recital. In addition, some of the dancers are invited to participate in musical productions created by the drama department.The musical productions are also open to the public and presented every year.

New Hope Youth Dance Company

Dancers learn a repertory of various choreographies and perform in numerous community events. Our dancers are also provided with opportunities to better their understanding of the dance world and culture. Auditions are required.

Drama (for Kindergarten & up)

New Hope Drama

Students learn acting skills, voice projection, and character development. They present a full play/musical or highlights of various musicals once a year. The New Hope Players have delighted audiences with the full productions of musicals such as “Crazy Camp”, “The Nutcracker”, “Godspell”, “Cinderella”, “The Magical Land of Oz”, “Peter and the Wolf”, “The Magic in Me”, “Pinocchio”, “Beauty & the Beast” and highlights from “Annie”, “Charlie Brown”, and “The Wizard of Oz.”