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What is this school known for? One of New Hope Academy's greatest strengths is the fact that because we are a smaller school, we are able to individualize the educational program in order to better meet the unique nature, goals, and needs of each student. This is especially true at New Hope Academy International High School, a small private international high school in metropolitan Washington, D.C. (in northern Prince George's County, MD) dedicated to academic excellence, personal attention, and character-building in a college prep high school setting. Our English Immersion program for international students is very individualized to support students to become proficient in English and capable of mastering the high school course work.

Mission Statement:

New Hope Academy is dedicated to academic excellence and character education. It supports parents to raise moral children and promotes intercultural harmony. Founded on principles that are universal to people of all faiths, New Hope recognizes that the belief in the Parenthood of God, leads to the brotherhood of humanity.

New Hope Academy is committed to making school a meaningful and enriching experience for all students. To best support our students' high school experience we have several very innovative programs. For example, from fifth grade on, students are tested and placed in math classes that allow them to move at an accelerated, regular, or slower pace, depending on their abilities and math foundation. Also, to prepare for a challenging college preparatory high school program, eighth graders are taught by the high school teachers, each with degrees in their specialized curriculum fields, and classes are designed with a similar structure and format as high school.

Founded in: 1990

Is this an IB or College Preparatory school: College preparatory

This school is unique for: At New Hope we have a tradition of incorporating field trips into our activities, enabling us to take advantage of the rich cultural, historic, civic, and ethnic resources in the Washington metro area. The entire community becomes a classroom outside of the school walls. Also a wide range of innovative and creative elective courses are available in the Upper School, grades 8-12th , and schoolwide a focus placed on performing arts.

Religious affiliation: None

Academic Program

  • Grades at New Hope Academy: Pre-K3-12th
  • Number of students in grades 9th–12th: 55-70
  • Number of international students attending and nationalities: 2008-2014 A total of 55 students, averaging 12-15 international students per year from many countries including: Korea, Rwanda, China, The Gambia, Sierra Leone, Thailand, Vietnam, Liberia, France, Kosovo, Serbia, Sudan, Gambia, Saudi Arabia, Japan and Nigeria.
  • Core subjects: Math including AP Calculus, hands-on labs in all science courses, social studies including Modern US History, English/language arts, foreign languages-Korean and Spanish and Foundations in English (ESL).
  • Unique electives including Computer Studies, Fine Arts, Physical Education, Choir, Rock Band, Fitness, Techno Fitness, Animation, Hip Hop Dance, Golf, Technical Design, Photography, Chess and Strategy Games, Contemporary Issues, Psychology and others.
  • We also offer optional classes in our after-school enrichment program in activities ranging from robotics to classical ballet, flamenco, jazz, tap, and other dance forms, to drama, martial arts, and recreational sports such as soccer, basketball, flag football and track.
  • How many AP/Honors courses available: usually 1-3 per year AP Calculus yearly, plus rotations of AP US History, AP Biology, or AP English Literature.
  • percentage of graduating class that goes onto college: 81%
  • Ratio of students to teachers: 9:1
  • ESL offered? The English Intensive Program provides a uniquely individualized program for students who require the development of additional English skills before they will be ready to be successful in the regular high school classes. Additional support is also available in core subjects throughout high school, including an ESL class offered daily.
  • Uniforms required? Yes; A New Hope logo shirt and plain blue jeans or navy twill pants
  • Community service hours required to graduate in Maryland: a minimum of 40 hours Extracurricular Activities
  • Athletics offered: martial arts, soccer, basketball, flag football, cheerleading
  • Dance offered: Classical Ballet, Flamenco, tap, jazz, Hip-Hop, choreography, others Clubs offered: drama, robotics, Scouting, chess, Anime, ACE, dance company
  • End of year school trips for all grades; yearly 9th grade Science trip to Florida; optional Gambian Humanitarian Trip for junior/seniors

Facilities/Surrounding Area

  • Facilities on campus: Located on an eight-acre campus in Prince George's County, MD (suburban Washington, D.C.), a computer lab, a science lab, a foreign-language studio, an art studio, a gymnasium, and a professional quality dance studio, K-8 library.
  • School’s Location: suburban
  • Points of interest in the surrounding area/community: near Washington, DC, Annapolis, & Baltimore: Smithsonian Museums, National Zoo, National Aquarium, theaters, US Capital, National Mall & Monuments, Naval Academy, American University, Georgetown, & University of Maryland, parks and recreation, extensive theater, historical sites, Chesapeake Bay, professional and college sports teams for basketball, football, soccer, baseball and hockey.
  • Closest Airport and Airport Code: BWI Baltimore Washington International, (Reagan National DCA and Dulles IAD also within greater Metro area)

Additional requirements and information:

  • Please email to

New Hope Academy (the umbrella institution for New Hope International High School) is authorized under Federal law to enroll nonimmigrant students. For more information about our program for international students (coming from foreign countries to study in the United States), including information about fees see our page: International SEVIS I-20 (F-1 Visa) students: fees and information. For more information on the Student and Exchange Visitor Program (SEVP) and the Student and Exchange Visitor Information System (SEVIS), please visit their web site (

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