International students, Art Class

New Hope Academy International High School and
the English Intensive Program

OBJECTIVE: New Hope International High School is committed to supporting our international students to be ready to attend university in the USA after high school, if they wish to do so, and to be well prepared for the rigors of the college programs. For students to be competitive and to secure admission to the colleges of their choice, they must be ready to perform well in American high school classes so as to maintain a strong GPA (grade point average). Further they must demonstrate strong skills on the TOEFL and SAT and also master the demanding reading and writing skills needed for college success.

PLACEMENT: To ensure that every student has the English proficiency necessary to succeed in high school classes, each international student will be tested when they arrive at New Hope, before the school year begins.

Students that meet the English requirements will be placed directly into regular high school classes, full time. Students whose English is not proficient will be placed in an English Intensive Program, at the level indicated by their test results. They will focus on English four periods per day, with the remainder of their class time in high school credited math and elective classes.

ENGLISH INTENSIVE PROGRAM: The students in this program will complete 4-6 week English units each with final tests in reading comprehension, listening comprehension, writing and speaking. When a unit is successfully completed and the tests passed, the student will move to the next level. If a student is not able to pass the final unit tests, he or she will repeat that particular unit once more for 4-6 weeks, and test again. If they are unable to successfully complete the unit on the second try, they will not be allowed to continue in the program. When each student reaches the benchmarks needed to move into the regular high school program they will do so, and begin a full high school credited program.

TUITION: The English Intensive Program tuition is $18,000 per year or $9,000 per semester. Since a student’s placement will not be determined until they are tested upon arrival at New Hope, all first year students will be charged the higher amount for their first semester. If the student ‘s English is proficient enough to immediately move into the regular high school classes, the financial difference of $2250 per semester will be rebated to the next semesters tuition.

New Hope Academy (the umbrella institution for New Hope International High School) is authorized under Federal law to enroll nonimmigrant students. For more information about our program for international students (coming from foreign countries to study in the United States), including information about fees see our page: International SEVIS I-20 (F-1 Visa) students: fees and information. For more information on the Student and Exchange Visitor Program (SEVP) and the Student and Exchange Visitor Information System (SEVIS), please visit their web site (

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