International Students Admission Process

International Student Application Process Checklist


  • ♦ Report cards for three (3) years; the current grade and at least past two years
  • ♦ Two (2) teacher recommendation forms
  • ♦ Parents’ current financial bank statement
  • ♦ Copy of student’s passport
  • ♦ Copy of student’s birth certificate
  • ♦ Completed application including written essay
  • ♦ English Proficiency Test: Either Jr. TOEFL or SLEP scores


  1. 1. Submit all documentation electronically or by mail; including $100 application fee
  2. 2. Application will be reviewed by New Hope Academy (NHA)
  3. 3. Skype interview will be scheduled and conducted
  4. 4. Acceptance or denial decision will be made
  5. 5. Accepted students will be issued an I-20
  6. 6. $500 deposit must be received by school and then the I-20 will be released to the family
  7. 7. Family schedules a visa appointment
  8. 8. Visa Appointment: family presents I-20 from New Hope Academy (NHA)
  9. 9. If visa is received, contact NHA accounting department to make financial arrangements
  10. 10. If visa is denied, submit documentation that visa was denied and $250 will be refunded

Application Form (pdf)

International Student Application form

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