Living the Dream: Content of Character Counts Most

From Pre-K through high-school, students at New Hope Academy are guided to consider issues, to question, and to contemplate the steps for making intentional choices. Students and staff are encouraged to examine: who I am, how I live, how I make my life choices, how I take responsibility for my choices, and to consider how my choices impact others. Integrity and commitment to values is interwoven into the curriculum and consciously modeled in interpersonal relationships within the school community. Education is defined as life-long learning through continued self-reflection, leading to autonomy and self-mastery.

A commitment to volunteerism and Service Learning fosters student’s awareness of how to substantially create a peaceful and loving world.   By providing opportunities for older students to mentor and work with younger students, children learn leadership, empathy, mutual respect, and how to nurture others. Virtues are examined through weekly themes using stories, personal experiences, videos, and guided discussions.

Problems are seen as opportunities to grow and simple techniques are modeled to help everyone develop skills in consistent conflict resolution.  We provide an environment where children can take safe risks, face challenges and even fail, enabling them to develop perseverance and resiliency.