To: Parents, Teachers and Staff
From: Principal Joy and Board of Directors

When choosing a school for your child, you are also choosing a community for your family. New Hope Academy has always been sought after for the close-knit community that forms here and, as such, has become one of the school's greatest assets. In addition, research clearly shows that one of the most constant predictors of a student's educational success is the active interest and participation of the parents in their schooling. It is for these reasons that New Hope Academy requires Family Service Hours commitment from every enrolled family.

Throughout the school year, parents, families and their representatives have opportunities to show their support in many meaningful ways: by volunteering time and services to support school events and special projects, by serving as leaders on the Board of Directors or on committees, through financial contributions, and by actively participating in their child's education.

Each family is asked to give five (5) hours of their time to your child(ren) and New Hope Academy each quarter, for a total of twenty (20) hours per school year. Families will earn a credit valued at $25.00 for each hour served at the close of each quarter, for a maximum of $500.00 annually. That is, 5 Family Service Hours served a quarter is equal to a $125 credit. In addition to Family Service Hours, it is strongly suggested that parents attend one (1) PTO meeting per quarter for a total of four (4) PTO meetings annually, though of course, we hope you will feel encouraged to attend more.

The school will use to manage all NHA’s Family Service Hours. Each family will receive an email from “New Hope Academy”. Follow the 3 tasks in the email and begin logging in your hours.

Below is a small list of Frequently Asked Questions to help us get the system up and running smoothly.

  • Q1: Where do I input my activity?
       Use the drop down menu with pre-selected events/activities OR use the “activity not listed” box and input the event/activity.

  • Q2: Who will approve my Family Service Hours in the system?
       The NHA’s Family Service Hours Program team. Parent volunteers and room parents will collect hours approved by the teacher and submit them to NHA’s Family Service Hours Program Team. When the family submits the hours using trackitforward, the Coordinator will have verification to match. The Family Service Hours will then be sent to the Business Manager for fee assessment.

  • Q3: Other than teachers, who can sign-off on my Family Service Hours?
       Business Office staff and New Hope Staff.

  • Q4: Can I carry hours served from one quarter to the next?
       Yes. Input your 5 hours in trackitforward each quarter with the same activity. It will then be approved as hours are assessed quarterly.

  • Q5: Will I be reimbursed for charges in earlier quarters if I make up 20 hours by the end of the year?
       You will be given credit for the following school year.

  • Q6: How will I know the number of hours I’ve completed each quarter?
       Login to your trackitforward account. Your hours per quarter are tallied there.

  • Q7: Will I be reminded of hours as to not assess the bill at the end of the quarter?
       Yes. A reminder will be sent out weekly in the FYI during the last month of the quarter. On April 24th, the Family Service Hours must be met or a payment of $25/hr remaining will be due.

  • Quarter End Date
    2 January 17, 2020
    3 March 26, 2020
    4 April 24, 2020 - although this is not the last day of the quarter, this is when final assessments will be made.

  • Q8: Where can I find a list of Family Service Hours opportunities and the hours they count for?
       The trackitforward drop-down contains a general list of Family Service Hours opportunities. A list will be posted where PTO board member information and events are located at the front door entrance. This list will also be posted to the NHA PTO website.

  • Q9: What do I do if my hours are rejected?
       This means those submitted do not match those approved. Contact the approver and re-submit.

  • Q10: What is the outcome if I complete partial hours?
       Each hour is $25. Therefore, if you complete 4 hours in Q3, you will be assessed $25.

  • Q11: Who do I contact about additional questions?
       Send an email to

  • The school is aware we are nearing the end of the first quarter. In an effort to prevent penalties to parents, all hours earned in the first quarter can be submitted in the second quarter. As such, a total of 10 hours will be requested and the associated credit will be $250. If your fist and second quarter hours exceed 10, place the excess in the third quarter. The trackitforward system has an input box for “Notes”. Please input this detail (i.e. your Family Service more than 10 hours in Q1 and Q2 and plan to use the excess in Q3) in the “Notes” box as you input your hours.

    We look forward to making this NHA’s Family Service Hours Program a success and hope families continue to support New Hope Academy through their continued service. Additional questions or concerns can be sent to: where they will be directed to the appropriate individuals.

    Let’s get those hours in!

    Principal Joy Morrow & NHA Board of Directors